Related Companies

The principals of Carbon360 Partners have ownership interest in the following companies:


American Refining Group:


North America’s oldest continuously in use refinery, previously owned by Kendall Motor Oil.  A specialty refiner of lubricants with over 300 products plus gasoline manufactured on site




Consultants to farms and industrial companies in the agriculture space.  With over 300,000 acres under contract its customers are in North, Central and South America.  Its verification testing programs are recognized globally.


CSD Engineers:


Premier provider of multi-discipline engineering and management    services for the heavy industrial sectors throughout the United States.   Its focus is in providing cost effective solutions and providing long term business relationships.


Electrocell Technologies:


Electrocell Technologies is the marketing arm of Decant Treatment Systems (another Carbon360 related company).  Electrocell markets an innovative technology for the treatment of various liquid waste streams throughout the world. 




Provides a unique thermal conversion system based on a novel method of pyrolysis.  Already proven in the U.S. and Europe, Pennsaco installs systems that can use a variety of feed stocks (such as biomass, food waste, tires and medical waste)   to create energy and other high value products.