The Underwater Marine Sensor Net (UMSN)

The Underwater Marine Sensor Net (UMSN) is based on a unique sensor cable woven in a net configuration and secured by stainless steel clips. Any attempt to cut, climb over, or pass through UMSN will trigger an alarm.   UMSN can be installed freestanding or attached to any new or existing barrier.

A pre-set level of mechanical stress on the sensor cable will be converted into electronic signals processed by the digital and analog analyzers in the UMSN controller.
The combination of cut-through detection and mechanical stress detection allows UMSN to effectively secure medium up to high-security risk maritime installations.      

  • UMSN is simple to repair and cheap and easy to maintain with high durability.
  • UMSN does not require a dedicated professional staff for repairs and there is no limit on the number times the cable can be repaired
  • Durable metal stainless steel clips secure the cables to provide for long life
  • Low false and nuisance alarm rate
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Designed for medium to high security risk installations