Underwater Heavy Duty Marine Net (UHDMN)

Underwater Heavy Duty Marine Net (UHDMN) is a marine intrusion detection system based on heavy-duty sensor nets. The nets are made of special sensor cable containing steel fibers and composite materials with high durability in rough sea conditions. UHDMN is designed to prevent, impede and detect underwater intrusions.

UHDMN can be integrated with floating barriers, floaters, and sea gates as well as a sensor system to detect attempts climbing over the nets above sea level.

The UHDMN nets consist of a grid structure with optional sizes 20cm X 20cm, 25cm X 25cm or 30cm X 30cm openings.

The cables have a diameter of 8.8 mm with the option to 14 mm and contain copper, steel fibers, and composite materials fibers, coated with high durability polymers.

UHDMN has been designed for durability and a longer lifespan out of materials that are mechanically durable and able to resist corrosion by seawater and oil for many years.

UHDMN simultaneously combines multiple detection technologies - including a unique special cable structure which allows UHDMN a higher probability of detection, functional reliability and redundancy in the case of damage or sabotage of the externally coated polymers.


UHDMN's configuration is engineered to be impossible to undo without cutting the net and thus triggering the alarm.


  • Adaptable to suit different security requirements
  • Redundant detection capability, easy to repair in case of damage
  • High durability and low maintenance requirements
  • Built from modular net segments that allow for rapid repairs
  • Will not signal false alarms because of severe sea conditions and winds
  • Uses controllers with two-way communication and test commands from remote control rooms
  • Can integrate with sea gates for ease of passage
  • May be integrated with floaters or floating barriers to block speedboats
  • Prevents climbing above sea level (optional)
  • Optional integration with underwater acoustic shockers