Underground Seismic Passive Intruder Detection System (USPIDS)

Underground Seismic Passive Intruder Detection System (USPIDS) offers a reliable, cost-effective solution to intrusion detection needs for different terrain.

USPIDS provides high levels of alarm accuracy and detection over large stretches of the perimeter by reliably detecting and precisely locating walking, running or crawling intruders along a facility’s perimeter.

USPIDS incorporates enhanced multilayer digital signal processing for even higher detection performance in challenging site conditions.     It is the next step in security deployments, dramatically improving sensitivity and detection, yet also minimizing false alarms.   

USPIDS is a concealed underground intrusion detection system based on advanced sensor lines with addressable geophone sensors buried along a facility’s perimeter in soil, asphalt or concrete to detect low-level intruder vibrations. Each addressable geophone sensor constitutes an individual “detection zone” along the geophone sensor line.

  • Intruders are unaware of the presence or exact location of the invisible detection system helping to prevent any attempt to defeat the system
  • Precise detection and location of intruders within a few meters
  • Software-based zoning
  • Highly impervious to rain and harsh weather conditions.
  • Reliable and low maintenance
  • Optional built-in test for sensors
  • Adjustable sensitivity for each sensor
  • Very low false alarm rate
  • Easy-to-install and integrate
  • Easy linked to existing alarm panel
  • Smart computerized test unit