Underground Pressure Detection System  (UPDS) 

Underground Pressure Detection System  (UPDS)  provides an invisible perimeter detection system that can be installed under grass or gravel and will alert when a site is breached.

UPDS detects an intruder by sensing a change in pressure, caused by the intruder’s walking on top of the system. This mechanical stress or deformation on the sensor cable is converted to electronic signals processed by the digital and analog analyzers in the controller. The controller signals an alarm in case of an attempt to breach the perimeter by stepping on top of the protected area.

UPDS is far more reliable than video cameras, seismic sensors, infrared sensors, or active RF underground detection devices. It is water resistant and lasts for many years.

  • High probability of detection combined with exceptionally low nuisance and false alarm rates
  • Cannot be detected remotely because it is completely passive
  • Can be installed under gravel or grass
  • Can be calibrated to distinguish between human movement and a small animal
  • Does not require a dedicated professional staff for repairs and there is no limit to the number of cable repairs
  • Uses an advanced and sophisticated signal processing controller with self-learning capabilities that detects the movement, damage, or deformation of the SuperSensor cable and neutralizes false alarms.
  • Low maintenance costs