Fence Mounted Super Sensor Cable (SSC)

The Super Sensor Cable (SSC) is a copper sensor cable mounted on a perimeter fence or wall.   Mechanical stress on the SSC is converted to electronic signals processed by the digital and analog analyzers in the controller.

The system signals the control room in case of an attempt to penetrate or defeat the fence through climbing over, cutting mechanically or with a torch, or tunneling under.

SSC is designed to achieve and has demonstrated a life span in excess of 20 years.

The standard low-cost copper SSC is sensitive to any deformation or cuts, allowing for flexibility and different applications.  

Other SSC features and benefits include:

  • Mounts to the fence with metal clips, which require almost no maintenance
  • Can be installed on almost any existing fence without special requirements  
  • Can be installed together with concertina wire without causing false alarms
  • Due to unique filtering, the wind will not trigger false alarms nor affect the SSC’s sensitivity (a common problem in other vibration detecting sensor cables)
  • Rain and hail, as well as other acoustic  phenomena, will not influence and not lower its sensitivity
  • "Plug and Play": the adaptive controller learns and calibrates itself automatically to the installation environment
  • Manual testing from the control room - the operator can manually test the status of the system’s electronic components without personnel traveling to the site for testing
  • Suitable for the perimeter protection of commercial, domestic, industrial, military or other high-risk areas 
  • Easily integrate to any command & control system
  • Computerized test unit - allows for a simple diagnosis