Fence Mounted Inertia Vibration Sensor (IVS)

The 4th generation of Fence Mounted Inertia Vibration Sensor (IVS) is a unique technology based on multiple sensing transducers for perimeter intrusion detection. IVS is an add-on system to any fence, wall or perimeter structure.


IVS provides excellent detection with a resolution of 3 meters with software flexible alarm zones. Each IVS sensor includes addressable communication.   G-Max detection algorithms include adaptive functions for each detector that can be updated by the user.  


An IVS sensor fastened to a fence senses vibration by utilizing transducers. Vibrations may be caused by attempts to dismantle, climb over or cut through the fence to penetrate to the protected site.   The vibrations are registered as electronic signals, which are analyzed by the system field controller (SFC). The SFC features advanced smart adaptive signal processing to achieve a high level of detection probability while eliminating false alarm due to vibration caused by wind, rain, hail and many other environmental disturbances.   IVS sensor units have no moving parts, which reduces maintenance requirements and further reduces false alarms.


All signals from IVS are monitored individually by the G-Max IVS System Field Controller to analyze the status of each electronic sensor.


  • Adjustable sensitivity per sensor
  • Simultaneously receives alarms from multiple detectors
  • Sensors have built-in test capability.
  • Testing can be automatic or manual via remote activation.
  • Very low false alarm rate
  • Low maintenance because sensors have no active mechanical parts
  • False alarms due to rain and harsh weather are very infrequent due to improved algorithms which capture detailed statistics from many sensors
  • The sensors are fully enclosed and protected to meet the Ingress Protection 67 (IP 67) standard
  • Each controller covers up to 2000 meters of fence, reducing the cost of infrastructure
  • Easily integrated with any command & control system
  • Computerized test unit allows for a simple diagnosis on site