G-Max offers products in the following formats:

  1. Individual: individual products as a stand-alone or part of a system. 
  2. System: systems that contain G-Max products and third-party products in full integration and according to the requirements of the integrator. 
  3. Customized: products customized according to the need of the customer.


G-Max design emphasizes making its products as independent possible from the need for G-Max support.  For example, products are designed so that local technicians can install the systems, often without the need for G-Max staff on-site.  Also, all G-Max products feature computerized test units that help the onsite technician understand what is going on inside the system, rather than just working with a black box. These computerized test units enable simple remote support, reducing the need for outside technicians to travel to the site. Finally, G-Max designs most of its products with a "plug and play" capability, enabling automatic calibration without the intervention of the installer.


G-Max sells its products under the G-Max brand or per an OEM agreement with customers. Partial local production is also permitted in case of large projects or for special customers


G-Max products are installed worldwide to protect power stations, prisons, oil refineries, international borders, government facilities, airports, and many other civilian and military facilities.


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