About Us

Carbon360 Partners was formed in 2008 based on the work its five principals had done together over the previous decade. Its founders own and run a variety of businesses, primarily in the fields of energy, technology, engineering and agriculture. A partial list of these companies can be found in the section “Related Companies” on our web site.

From start-ups to mid-cap firms that Carbon360’s partners has founded and invested in, all of these companies provided special opportunities that allowed for the skills of the group to leverage for exceptional returns.  G-Max is no exception.  The G-Max offering is of leading technology with a specific market focus.  Locations needing exceptional perimeter security while requiring low maintenance are our focus.  With products and service already proven in many markets outside of North America, the Carbon360 team is prepared to provide this full suite to customers needing world class security.

Carbon360 is partnering with G-Max, an Israeli developer of advanced perimeter control technologies. G-Max was founded over 20 years ago by veterans of the Israeli national security establishment.   G-Max products have been proven in the most demanding physical and threat environments and are designed to be especially reliable, low maintenance and low false alarm.